How We Help Our Clients.

Lehigh Valley Website Design Services

Quality Web Design, Advertising, Branding & Photography.

With great design and proper development, you get a better return on your investment. Your marketing materials must be prepared effectively in order to compete; that point is critical.

Wrapped in proper branding with reinforced print materials and a competitive website, your business will be ready for anything thrown its way.


Whether we are talking about your website or your business card, we want to make sure your business is promoted properly. Attention to detail is key - and no piece should be overlooked.

The creative in your project helps emit the emotion for your brand. When it comes down to it, we are artists with the technical know-how.

Branding & Art Direction

Quality marketing cannot work without branding in place. To get your marketing structured, we create logos, iconography, color schemes, design style, and overall continuity to define your business.

Website Design & User Experience

Usability of a website is all thanks to creative organization. We create fully custom websites with a strong focus on visual design, easy navigation, quality development, and web standards around our clients.

Print & Digital Ads

While print materials may be a formality for some industries, others rely on them. We help ensure all your print materials (business cards, brochures, trade show materials, mail campaigns, magazine ads, postcards, etc.) match the rest of your marketing materials. Continuity is key to ensure your brand is established.


An awesome creative outlet, illustration is an avenue where we let the imagination run wild. Starting with a blank canvas is a beautiful thing. Where it makes sense, illustration can be a great asset to your brand. We create custom, effective illustrations to support logos, overall branding, and marketing materials.


Text content is necessary for a website, but video adds personality to that message. From concept to completion, we create clean, simple videos for our clients to use within their websites and online marketing.


You could have the most beautiful website in the world; but without proper development, potential clients finding it organically would prove challenging.

With up-to-date coding, we help ensure that the sites we build are ready to support your content. With website statistics at the core, we tie in video, social media, and photography to engage users in a website that looks great on all devices.

Responsive Development (Mobile Friendly)

Technology is an amazing thing. Thanks to iPhones and iPads, your site is available to anyone anywhere 24/7. Having a proper mobile strategy, in a lot of scenarios, means having a responsive website. Users want the ability to access all data from their laptop on their phone - and responsive development gives them that.

Search Engine Optimization

Tied to strategy, a website needs to be developed properly to be able to increase visibility. Our website are hand coded to make sure they are setup to promote your content properly. Utilizing website statistics, we can learn from how things are currently working to be able to improve things moving forward.

Content Management Systems

Utilizing management tools like WordPress or ExpressionEngine, we can give clients the freedom to keep their sites up to date in an easy to use environment. We take every effort to increase environment security, file organization, as well as ensure automated full-site back-ups.

E-Commerce Integration

Expanding on content management systems, we can tie in easy-to-update commerce platforms. Tying in PayPal or Authorize.net, we create an environment that is not only easy for you to manage your product, but is great for the customer.


Everything we do has a foundation grounded with strategy. Understanding the ideal goals, audience, and messages we want to send enhances the creative process.

Before we start any work, we take the time to understand all of the details to make sure we are making the best possible decision for our clients.

Website Structure Development

When tasked with designing & developing a new website, it is the perfect time to critique the website content structure. Does the current structure make the most sense for the user? Do we need all of these pages? Here we want to make sure we create a concise user experience to best promote the website content.

Content Adjustment

Sometimes content is the hardest part of a project. We're here to help. We can help trim down lengthy copy to ensure we are promoting a clear message, while ensuring we stay search engine friendly.

Social Media Integration

Your audience is everywhere. Some are on Google. Others are on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Let's develop your social media strategy to help engage your customers. It can be easier than you think!

Digital & Print Marketing

In many scenarios, marketing a business requires more than just one thing. Sometimes that includes digital and print marketing. However, we want to make sure we are making the right decisions when choosing where to market. Tracking marketing statistics can help avoid spending unnecessary advertising dollars. And who likes wasting money?

Email Marketing

Thanks to modern platforms like MailChimp and Campaign Monitor, email marketing continues to get better and better. We can help continue to engage your subscribers with new blog articles, upcoming events, and more - all in a branded package with statistics at its core.

Concept Collaboration

We don't just start working on a concept that we don't believe in. When we, or clients, have a concept to discuss, we take the appropriate time to kick the tires and develop a plan. We are not interested in wasting client funds (your service based business probably doesn't need an iPhone app). Your success is a reflection on us. We are in your corner to help make the right decisions with your marketing.


Get The Shot

Leave the stock photos for your competitors.

Websites and advertisements are at their best with quality custom photography.

Awesome photos of your shop, products, or your team in the field are what help add personality to your site. After the shoot, our retouching and editing experience helps take your photos to the next level.

  • Team Profiles
  • Location & Architecture
  • Product & Projects
  • Unique & Creative

We are overwhelmed at the success of the site J Taylor Design built for us. From the very beginning they completely understood what we needed and have been there for us every step of the way with their gracious smiles and excitement for our business. J Taylor Design's work has put us directly into the position to succeed.

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