Your Website Does Not Need Music

Every now and again we get a client asking about having music on their website. While this request is always well intended, the truth is that most visitors do not want to hear music on commercial sites. There are certainly exceptions to the rule. For example, if you are a singer or a band, people are probably visiting your site to hear your music. However, for the rest of the business world, music on a website will most likely be obtrusive.

Taking A Cue From Top Examples

You will not notice any automatic background music while browsing on Google, Amazon, or Facebook. Your website is not an elevator where users are waiting to reach a destination. They are already there and we want them to interact. Cute distractions in the background are not needed.

Videos Have Sound. What Should We Do About That?

Videos are excellent online. Great videos will keep users engaged, which means that they are on your website longer. With video, the key is that the user has the ability to start the video and control it. Again, there are exceptions to this rule as well, where it makes sense on certain sites for videos to start automatically. However, for the majority of sites out there, it is best to give the user to control.

Your Site Does Not Need A (Musical) Gimmick

Stick to what makes sense and do not overdo it. Just because the technology is there to have music in the background, to make cats fly across the screen, and to drop a piece of bacon on top of the screen, does not mean that it is a good idea to do it.

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