What the Font?

For those designers out there who haven’t heard of WhatTheFont I’m here to help you out! Have you ever received a project from a client who has given you a JPG of their logo and you really need an EPS? So you go through the whole thing and request the logo in vector format rather than raster. They come back to you with the unfortunate information that they don’t have the correct file, can’t find it, or have no idea what you’re talking about. It isn’t unusual for a client to know that they should have a vector version of their logo. That’s what designers are for! Anyway, we got a recent job where we had this problem. The logo contained a simple illustration with the store name. The font that was used looked so familiar but we couldn’t put our finger on the exact font that it was. So rather then running through our font collection (which would take quite some time as the collection is huge!), we consulted WhatTheFont! WhatTheFont’s service is free by the way.

So what we did was just take a screenshot of one of the words in the logo (where there was no illustrated figure behind the text). Next we took that screenshot to www.whatthefont.com and follow the few simple directions. After running through the system it popped up a bunch of possibilities and the font we were looking for was the first option! So all we had to do was redraw the simple illustration and the logo was basically finished!

A few weeks later we had to consult WhatTheFont again. This time WhatTheFont couldn’t find what we were looking for in a regular search. So we logged into our free WhatTheFont account and posted the sample JPG to the forum. Not too long after we posted the JPG we got an answer for the font. The reason that the automated system didn’t find the correct font is due to the logo uses a font that the original designer has compressed. So all we had to do then was the same thing as before. Redraw the illustration part then pop in the text and compress it! Thank you WhatTheFont!

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