We Have Clients With Personality

Over the years we have made a lot of great relationships with people from businesses of all sizes. We have found that a lot of our clients exceed our own expectations by being forward thinking, which truly helps amplify the quality of their projects.

Most of those clients found their way to us either by referral, or visiting our website. However, when we were first starting out more than 5 years ago, it was not as simple. We got a nice handful of projects by reaching out to businesses that we admired, but thought could benefit from a new marketing approach. We like to think of that approach as a more elegant form of solicitation. Rather than mass spamming businesses within a few zip codes, we took the time to shake hands with some great people that run some really great businesses.

A couple weeks ago, the owner of CrossFit Advanced forwarded me a solicitation email that he had received with the subject regarding “upgrading” his website. The quotes around “upgrading” are intentional. Without missing a beat, he responded the with following to the solicitation email:

Did you look at my website? I’m pretty happy with it. I did take a look at your website.  If your company would like help with upgrading its website design, I can give you my web designer’s name.”

All this to say that we are blessed with great clients. Not only do we have their back and best interest in mind, but they have ours as well.

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