Using the WordPress iPhone / iPad App

WordPress is a great tool which allows clients to maintain the content of their websites easily and efficiently. As long as you have the internet, you can log into your website, update your content, and be on your way. The WordPress iPhone / iPad app helps to make it easy to update your website on the fly, whether you’re in the office or out to lunch.

Unfortunately, the WordPress app for the iPhone / iPad seems to suffer in terms of reviews on iTunes. We’re not sure what the problem is as we haven’t run into serious issues with it. However, there is a key step to prepare your site to allow access from this app, which can be overlooked and cause confusion.

Enable XML-RPC Publishing Protocols

This is that step. You (or your site developer) needs to enable the XML-RPC protocols to allow the app to work nicely with your site. Without that enabled, you will not be allowed to make changes via the app. That can be enabled by going to Settings » Writing and looking at the Remote Publishing options when login into WordPress (not in the app).

That Is About It

Everything else is fairly standard. You log in using the same username and password as usual. You can add blog entries, update your page content, etc. like you normally would on your computer. The key is to remember that the app is made to give you access on the fly. We wouldn’t recommend formatting your entire site in it as it would take a lot more time than turning on the desktop and login in the old fashioned way!

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