Typography Games

We wrote an article a while back on how photography can make or break a project. The same can be said for typography. Typography can be, unfortunately, overlooked when it comes to design - especially with young designers. Having a quality sense of type use is just as important as having the right pictures, color scheme, etc. The phrase, “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link” is certainly true when it comes to design as well.

Hone Your Typography Skills

There are many, many (filter by Typography) books available to help hone your typography skills. Devalued typography can only lead to a so-so final project.

Test Your Skills

There are a lot of typography games that you can find online to test your knowledge. Here are a few of our favorites.

Kern Type, The Kerning Game - Play Now

Kern Type

Click and drag (or point and drag on an iPad) the letters to fix the kerning (space between letters).

Shape Type, The Letter Shaping Game - Play Now

Shape Type

Grab the pink circle to adjust the curves of the letter to the state of the original font.

The Rather Difficult Font Game - Play Now

Rather Difficult Font Game

Run through the 34 questions pairing the displayed text with its rightful typeface.

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