Tranferring Songs from Your iPhone

I ran into a small problem a couple days ago. I had purchased an album on my iPhone while I was on the way back from a client meeting. When I got back I wanted to transfer the purchased album to my iTunes on my computer that way I could enjoy the lovely sounds at the office as well. When I plugged my phone into the computer and tried to drag the purchased album to my iTunes, it wouldn’t let me. I wasn’t too surprised as all of the iPhone / iPod devices are setup so that you can’t drag and drop your friends music from their devices onto your computer to try and avoid paying for the music. I tried a couple quick things until I found the solution.

Transfer iPhoneThe solution wasn’t too complicated, but I don’t feel that it was obvious enough. My initial thoughts were that there would be a ‘transfer purchased’ button somewhere when you’re looking at the Music or Default panels. Unfortunately I didn’t see one (maybe there was one and I missed it, if so feel free to comment below). Anyway, the solution that I had found came from right clicking on my device name and then finding a ‘Transfer Purchases’ option there. Once I did that, everything moved smoothly from my iPhone to my computer and I was ready to enjoy my new album.

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