Quick Thoughts On The New Mac Pro

The New Mac Pro And 4K Support

In June, Apple held is 2013 edition of WWDC where they announced iOS 7, OS X Mavericks, iTunes Radio, as well as updated Macbook Airs and Mac Pros.

A Long Awaited Change To The Mac Pro

If you ever doubted Apples commitment to the pro user, perhaps the announcement of the newly revamped and redesigned (you either love or hate the look of it seems) Mac Pro helped restore some of your faith. However, this announcement saw its fair share of critics. Many complaints seem to fall along the lines of its compatibility with existing eco-systems that many post houses have developed. The original Mac Pro was created to be continually upgraded by the user. This new version sets the expectation that the user will use one of the six Thunderbolt ports to expand the computers capabilities. With advancement in technology comes a certain amount of resistance. The growth of technology works in a way that requires change. If there is one thing you can always count on, it’s that things will change, rapidly. Expect it and embrace it.

Rumor Mill: Apple TV Set, 4K Displays, Retina Displays

If you read between the lines in this release, it would appear that Apple is also hinting at another potential upgrade that should really make professional excited: 4K display support. What makes this announcement so interesting is that Apple has no 4K displays. If you were paying attention, you may have also noticed that Apple made no announcement for an update to the Thunderbolt Display to bring it in line aesthetically with the new slimmer iMac. Could we see a 4K or “Retina” Thunderbolt Display later this year? Could they also be bringing it to the much rumored Apple TV Set? This is all speculation of course, but does it seem so far fetched? Apple needs another innovative product and the press won’t be satisfied until they get something substantial.

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