The Challenge, If You Choose To Accept

Our good friends over at CrossFit Advanced have put together a challenge coined 115 Royal Burpee Challenge, which will start February 11th and go through June 4th. The challenge is simple (well, explaining it is the simple part). Starting February 11th, do one burpee. Add one each day until June 4th, where the final day requires 115 burpees. So on February 12th, do 2 burpees. February 13th would be 3 burpees, and so on.

Now the first question you may have is, ‘what is a burpee?’ Good question. A burpee is a full body exercise where you perform a couple movements which add up to one burpee. Here is a video example of an athlete doing burpees:

Burpees were invented by Royal Huddleston Burpee of Easton, PA. This year would mark his 115th birthday. Hence the 115 Royal Burpee Challenge.

Join in on the fun by signing up on Facebook and read the full press release here. If you participate, do not forget to order a tshirt as well. Order details will be coming soon.

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