Test Your Metal at Lehigh Valley Sportsfest

CrossFit Sportsfest Lehigh ValleyOur very own CrossFit Advanced is hosting a CrossFit Competition at this years Lehigh Valley Sportsfest which is held in Allentown, PA July 14th through the 17th. Sportsfest hosts many different athletic events from Flag Football to Horseshoes to Ultimate Frisbee. This year is the first year that CrossFit will be at Sportsfest with a competition coined ‘Test Your Metal’ which has the spiffy logo put together by your friends here at J Taylor Design. If you haven’t heard or know much about CrossFit, this will be a good excuse to get some fresh air and watch some friendly competition between the CrossFit athletes.

Here is the release for the event:

How fit are you? Join us on Saturday, July 16th at Lehigh Valley SportsFest to find out. CrossFit Advanced of Easton and CrossFit 610 of Allentown are proud to host the 1st Annual “Test Your Metal” CrossFit Competition held at Cedar Beach Park during this year’s Lehigh Valley SportsFest. The competition will test one’s true fitness through a wide spectrum of physical challenges. We believe that fitness is about performing well at any and every task imaginable. The competition can include anything from calisthenic bodyweight exercises like squats, sit-ups and burpees, to using a variety of equipment like medicine balls, kettlebells and plyometric boxes, to gymnastic based movements such as ring dips and pull-ups, to weightlifting with barbells and dumbbells as well as a “cardio” component such as running, jumping rope and stationary rowing. There will be 2 divisions, Prescribed and Over-The-Counter. The Prescribed division will compete with the weights assigned by the event coordinators in each of the 3 events with awards presented to top 3 men and women. The Over-The-Counter division has the option to scale the weights according to their ability so anyone can participate. Each participant will compete in 3 events with no less than 45 minutes rest between events. Another component of being truly fit is being prepared for the unknown and unknowable. With this in mind, the events, rules and scoring will be posted 3 days before the competition.

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