Stay Organized with Anxiety

A good friend of mine showed me a nice little Mac application called Anxiety a couple years ago. At that point I was playing around in multiple applications to try and find a really simple tool to help with project management. After playing around with apps like OmniFocus and Things (which I really did like, by the way), I was finding that many of the applications had just a little bit too much going on. Now that doesn’t make these applications bad or anything, actually both those listed above are really great applications that I would highly recommend. However, they weren’t what I was looking for.

I wanted something super simple, almost like writing things down on a sheet of paper, then crossing them off my list as I completed them. That’s where Anxiety fit perfectly. After my friend showed me Anxiety I was pretty hooked. It’s super simple to use, it works with iCal and if you’re using MobileMe it will sync across your Apple computers with ease! It does so by working off of Apples built in To Do list and you can categorize them as you want to. So for me, I have the following categories: Invoices (money that is waiting to come in), To Be Invoiced (clients that need to be sent an invoice), Work (things that need to be taken care of), Proposals (prospective clients who have received them so I can stay in touch), Phone Calls (any necessary calls that need to be made), etc.

My only complaint is that I haven’t found a way to be able to look at my list on my iPhone. I’ve read some things saying that the To Do lists are supposed to show up in your email under a certain folder but I haven’t had any luck with that. Both OmniFocus and Things have iPhone applications that you can purchase to coordinate your app together. However, since Anxiety utilizes the To Do list that Apple provides, I’m assuming that they should have the lists available on the iPhone!

Regardless of the iPhone issue, Anxiety is a great little app to help keep you organized.

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