Pepsi Rebrands, So Why Can’t You?

I’m sure that most of us have realized that Pepsi has rebranded and a lot of people don’t like it and a lot of people do. Honestly, when I first saw it I really didn’t like it. I thought it was a silly version of the latest version of the Pepsi logo. Over the years that Pepsi has been in business they have rebranded multiple times. The same goes for their direct competitor Coca-Cola. But back to the topic at hand… I really didn’t like the new logo when I first saw it.

However, the more I’ve seen it I’ve taken some more time to think about it. I actually do like it. I think it does have a modern look to it which I think the old logo wasn’t sporting. Looking at the product packaging I really do like the solid colors. Maybe it’s like hearing a song that you don’t like over and over again until you start to like it but I really think that the rebranding of Pepsi is a good move forward.

So my question for smaller businesses is this: ‘Why be afraid of rebranding?’ Yes, smaller businesses don’t get the advertising dollars that big brands like Pepsi does. However, looking through a lot of the rebranding that big businesses do, it’s more revising a current logo rather than inventing something completely new. You don’t want to loose the recognition that people get with looking at your logo. However, it’s a decent idea to get a face lift every now and then. I’m definitely not saying that every business should rebrand. Rebranding doesn’t always work! I think that a businesses timeline needs to be evaluated and analyzed. But it’s just something to think about and not be afraid of!

Here are some links to check out showing rebranding:

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