Mountain Lion Coming In July

Last August, Apple released OS X Lion, the current operating system for the Mac. Coming in July, Apple is releasing OS X Mountain Lion, which helps create a cohesive environment between your iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Mountain Lion comes with some exciting features. The Notification Center will be a welcome addition as Growl has not been super reliable. Although, the latest update seems to have fixed the notification issues. Dictation could be useful in writing emails. And the social integration will make it easier to keep all your followers in the loop with your latest endeavors.

iCloud Tabs

iCloud Tabs between devices might be the most exciting part for me, at this point. At meetings, it is common for me to open a tab (or multiple tabs) of a discussed websites and leave it open to remind me to view the site on my Mac. With iCloud Tabs, that link will automatically be added to the iCloud Tabs list on all of my devices and machines.

Check Out The Video Overview

Below is an overview highlighting some of the feature updates coming with Mountain Lion.

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