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For those of you who have browsed our site you may have seen our little video on how we handle most web design projects. In this entry we’re going to give you a really quick overview as to how we put that together. The biggest key is that we used Keynote to make it! Keynote is an Apple application (sorry PC users) that is simply awesome. It’s extremely dynamic, clean and easy to use. For PC users, it’s basically a much easier to use, better version of PowerPoint (in our opinion). It has beautiful transitions and effects that help make your presentations pop.

The audio was recording in Keynote as well. All we did to record the audio was plug in a $100 USB microphone and press record and we basically commentated live while the slideshow was going on. Pretty easy stuff! After we finished up on the audio we simply exported the video out and uploaded it to Vimeo and grab the code and pop it in our website. So if you’re a Mac user and you need to put together an awesome presentation for work, school, church or whatever, check out Keynote. You won’t be disappointed!

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