Hands On Review - Walnut & Leather iPhone 6 Case From Grovemade

Last week I received the Grovemade Walnut & Leather iPhone case I had ordered back in September 2014 when the iPhone 6 came out. It took a while (now around 5 months later) but was certainly worth the wait.

The case looks great and stands out compared to other cases. It feels great in hand and the main shell surrounding the phone feels solid. Getting the iPhone in place is as simple as pivoting it in power button side first, then pressing down the opposing side. The phone fits snug and seems to fight well against attempting to shake it out. However, I have yet to drop the phone since using it - so that could be a different story.

Quick Notes

  • The 3 magnets holding the cover in place when closed do a good job.
  • The case does not infringe on taking photos.
  • The lightning and headphone jack spacing is more than enough for the accessories I use.
  • The power and volume buttons are impressively done.

One small complaint is that the mute switch is a bit challenging to get to. I rarely switch between settings there, but I could see this being a problem for some users.

The front cover doubles as a stand for watching videos. After a week of general use, I’m finding that the phone stand isn’t 100% reliable. This could be the leather space between the phone and cover loosening up with general use. I’m interested to see how this continues to adapt over time.

All in all I’m very happy with the purchase. The phone sits sturdy in the case and looks and feels great. Now I’m just waiting for the watch I preordered from them back in July 2014 to be finished.

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