I’ll Take An iPhone On The Rocks

When searching for tips on resolving poor iPhone service, I stumbled upon a strange solution. The solution is certainly unorthodox, which I will admit, enticed me to try it. I wish I would have bookmarked the article to reference it. Nonetheless, the solution is to put the iPhone in an empty glass.

Just for fun, I gave it a shot. Sure enough, I did see an increase in service. The side-by-side pictures below are shown from the same area on my desk where I normally keep my phone.

I'll Take An iPhone On The Rocks

Obviously, this is not the ideal solution for poor cell phone service. However, if you are ever in a jam looking for cell phone service with your iPhone, put it in an empty glass. Though, be sure to have your headphones with you. It might be hard to chat with someone without them.

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