Google Introduces Google Drive

A few weeks ago, we wrote an article about Dropbox. Dropbox gives us peace of mind with our project files. It allows us to keep our documents in sync, as well as share files easily with clients. With Google Drive, you will be given similar functionality.

Keep Everything. Share Anything.

Our Google Apps account has yet to be upgraded to allow us to test out Google Drive, but we are looking forward to testing it out. When the iCloud from Apple was coming out last year, we were really hoping that it provide some ‘Dropbox like’ capabilities to use within our workflow. However, for us, iCloud has proven to be more beneficial for personal use as opposed to business use.

Google Drive Vs. Dropbox

Without fully testing Google Drive, it is hard to say at this point which platform is better. However, when it comes to pricing, Google Drive is priced much more competitively than Dropbox. A $60 per year plan on Google Drive gets you 100 GB of storage where it costs $200 per year on Dropbox for the same amount of storage.

Google Drive advertises the ability to “open over 30 file types right in your browser - including HD video, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop - even if you don’t have the program installed on your computer.” Since we work in a lot of programs that clients do not have, we currently have to save out image comps of those files to share with clients. Google Drive would save time by allowing the client to simply view comps within their browser. To be fair, Dropbox can handle opening many program file types within the browser as well. However, they do not always render properly, so we tend to avoid sharing files that way.

That being said, we are extremely satisfied with Dropbox, and still recommend using it. Depending on how Google Drive functions, we may be able to utilize both Google Drive and Dropbox cohesively.

Waiting Patiently

At this point we are simply waiting patiently for our account to be upgraded with Google Drive functionality. We are excited to take it for a spin to see if / how it can increase productivity.

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