Get Your Website Healthy for 2011

If it has been a while since you’ve analyzed the message of your website, you may want devote some time to critiquing your content. It becomes very easy to let your website sit and get outdated. Regardless of what you’re offering users (product, service, etc.), your message needs to make a point as well as make it easy for people to take the next step. Having outdated content does just the opposite.

Page Structure

Take a look at your main navigation. Is it still an accurate overview of what you offer? If not, then you need to make some decisions. If you’re company is offering something new that is not on the website, you may want to add it. Adding new information onto a website requires some time to analyze what it is that is being added, and how it effects the rest of the site. That may mean adding a completely new page, or reorganizing information to fit the new content within an existing page.

The same goes with removing pages and content. If there are pages that aren’t necessary to your message, get rid of them. However, before getting rid of any pages, check your site statistics and see how many users on average go to that page. Also check to see how long users stay on that page. That will help to guide you as to whether or not that page should be on your site.

Website Content

Your content needs to be organized so that your users can easily read through and find the information that they’re looking for. Read through your website content in its entirety. That may take some time, but it will be worth it. You may notice issues that you didn’t notice before. Cut out anything that bloats the text. Be to the point, but helpful. Sometimes it becomes hard to remember that the content is for your users, not for you as a business owner. You want to think about what will help your users, rather than details that you may feel are imperative that the users don’t care about, or even need to know at all.

Review Your Website Statistics

If your site is setup with statistics, take advantage of that information and see what’s happening on your website. Checking your site statistic will provide you with invaluable information as to what is working on your website, and better yet, what isn’t working so you can make positive improvements.

Make Sure Your Site Has Been Developed Properly

The way websites are built is constantly changing. It’s important that your site is setup in a way that search engines like Google can easily find and read through your information. If you’re paying for someone to build you a site that improperly developed, you’re only wasting your advertising dollars.


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