Food for Thought on Driving

I’ve thought about this a lot lately. Having your own business is awesome and a huge responsibility. There have been many design companies in my area of the world that have such a bad reputation because of how they treat their clients… while every networking book that I’ve read talks about how important relationships are. Interesting… and those companies seem to do well for a while then completely fall apart. From my personal observations I’ve noticed that those companies I’m talking about put themselves up at such a high level. In laymans terms, I mean that they exaggerate! Whether it’s exaggerating what can be delivered or exaggerating skills, it basically boils down to lying to the client! Which is not good. Obviously it’s not good to lie. We were all taught as kids that lying is bad. So I don’t understand why these companies which seemed to be doing well would risk everything with a client by lying.

Without having to learn from those companies, I strive to be honest. If I’m not sure on a subject or if a client has a question that I can’t answer from the top of my head, then I simply tell them that I don’t know but that I would be happy to look it up and get an answer for them! There’s no reason to make excuses. It only lowers your value to your client. I strive to establish quality relationships with clients so when it comes time to redesign their website that they know exactly who they want to call.

The whole purpose of this entry was to get to this final point… When I’m driving to a meeting or just driving in general, I always notice people driving like idiots. People cut people off… People merge without using their blinkers… and all that stuff that we call inconsiderate driving. My point is that say I’m running late for a meeting and I cut this guy off. Then I get to my meeting and find that the guy that I cut off is my new prospective client… Ouch! That would be horrible… I don’t think that that would show quality in my character.

So my point in this post is to think and be a decent person. My relationships with my clients is so vital. I wouldn’t want to jeopardize it in any way.

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