Driving With Consideration For Others

This article might be better titled “Living With Consideration For Others” as the principles noted do not just pertain to driving. The commonality boils down to the Golden Rule, “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” The Golden Rule applies more to just personal life, but also business.

Short Story

I was driving to a meeting last week when I noticed an SUV about a quarter mile behind me approaching pretty quickly. Weaving between cars, they caught up to me, then cut in front of me to catch the exit ramp. While hitting my breaks to avoid hitting them, I had the chance to notice their business name printed along the side and rear of their SUV.

Every action has a reaction. Imagine that my meeting was with their business. It would be difficult to not walk into that meeting with some preconceived opinions.

Appreciating The Privilege

Running a business is a privilege. With any privilege comes responsibility. How clients feel about your quality of service will directly reflect the referrals that you may or may not get. It is not always the happy clients rushing to Google to write reviews on your service. The Golden Rule is a great first step toward an excellent client relationship.

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