Do You Need A Mobile Website?

Understanding who is using your website is a crucial part of growing your website. Without connecting a website to a site statistics program, one can only be left to make wild guesses based on their own internal understanding of the project. When we connect a statistics program, not only do we get to learn what pages are being visited most, but we also get to learn geographic information, browser information, device information, and much more. Mobile browsing is continually growing due to devices like the iPhone and iPad. As web developers, we need to look at the web as an evolving platform.

Our Clients Mobile Statistics

Our average project sees roughly 20% of traffic coming from mobile devices. That is an average of 1 out of every 5 visitors. With that in mind, we develop all projects with the understanding that a project needs to work across numerous devices.

Mobile Specific Websites

If a website is seeing around 20% of mobile traffic, we generally advise considering a mobile compliment to their website. For the most part, websites are about selling something. If a website becomes cumbersome to the user, then they may leave to find a competitor.

Mini Mobile Website Vs. Mobile Website With Everything

When mobile websites first started popping up, they were slimmed down versions of full sites. Meaning, if a full website was 30 pages, the mobile site was maybe the 5 most important pages. This method is still used, but we are not convinced that this is the best option for the average project.

A lot of us have probably run into this situation before when using a search engine on your iPhone. You are searching something on Google and pick a link that seems like it has what you were looking for. Instead of taking you to that page, the website forwards you to the main page of the mobile site, essentially making your search pointless. That is where we struggle with the concept of the mini mobile site.

We prefer the “mobile website with everything” method where your site holds the same exact structure whether you are on the full version or the mobile version. That way, if someone finds any of your pages on Google, they get that page regardless of the device they are using.

Some Mobile Examples

Here are some highlighted examples. Visit on your iPhone or smartphone to see the mobile versions.

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