Check Your Spelling

Being a designer, it’s hard for me to look at billboards, advertisements, and almost everything of a design nature without creating some sort of opinion. Now the opinions can be good or bad, depending on the execution of what I’m looking at. I find it hard to flip through a magazine with tons of poorly designed ads and ignore the fact that the ads are poorly designed. ‘Design’ is so engrained in my life, that I look at everything with design in mind. It’s almost like imagining your life without your cell phone or car. Once you have the tools, they begin to make an impact on your life.

Spelling ErrorI was driving down the highway one day and a charter bus drove past me. I noticed it as it was covered in bright blues and greens and had tons and tons of text all over it. One of the first things that caught my attention was how it was kind of hard to read the message that they’re trying to convey. So while trying to read the back of the bus, I noticed something that stuck out over the design. The line right below ‘Trans-Bridge Eco-Friendly Transport’ starts with the following: This coach features recylced seat materials… I know that it’s very hard to read the photo, but since you know what you’re looking for now, you may be able to pick out the letters and see that recycled is spelled wrong.

Websites can be a little more forgiving as you can usually find an issue and fix it. However, when it comes to print, it’s an expensive error, especially when reprinting is a necessity. It is extremely important to always check, double check, and have a co-worker/friend check over your website, brochure, etc. to help make sure that there are no errors. Unfortunately, Trans-Bridge is going to have some of their buses driving around for a while displaying their mistake.

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