Canon T2i Video Test : Knoebel’s

We recently upgraded our digital SLR to the new Canon T2i which shoots full HD video. I cannot express how awesome this camera is. Not that our old Canon Rebel XT was bad or anything… but with the huge back screen, some modified functionality, and then the full HD video on top of that, it’s hard to not be impressed with this camera. Over Memorial Day weekend I took a trip with family to Knobel’s Amusement Park which is in Elysburg, PA. Knobel’s is a really old style amusement park where it almost feels like your stepping back in time. Regardless, I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to take the new video functionality of the camera for a spin. After the break we have what we ended up with after mixing the video together and dropping an audio track on top. Other than that, we didn’t modify the colors or any of the video as we wanted this to be an accurate example as to what this camera can do.

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