Boost Your Cell Phone Signal With The AT&T MicroCell

Last week we wrote an article on a makeshift way to increase the cell service signal of an iPhone. We certainly admit that putting your iPhone in a glass is certainly not the best solution to combat a poor signal. After struggling with poor reception in our office, we found the AT&T MicroCell, which helped save the day.

How It Works

Being an AT&T product, the MicroCell only works for AT&T mobile users. The MicroCell works off of your internet connection. Simply connect the MicroCell to your router and follow the instructions for setup. Within the setup area, you have to add in your approved AT&T phone number - so guests that come into your network are not able to connect to the MicroCell, regardless of their mobile carrier. Another important note is that the MicroCell works only with 3G supported cell phones.

Things To Keep In Mind

When we first installed the MicroCell we had some small issues - which we later found out were due to the incoming wiring of the office. If you find that you have a spotty internet connection (meaning your internet connection cuts in and out frequently), we would not recommend the MicroCell. If the internet cuts out, the MicroCell may stay enabled if your router is still technically running. So you may miss out on phone calls for hours without even knowing it. If your internet is solid, then you should not have any issues.

If you watched the video above, you may have noticed that your cell phone should drop the MicroCell connection when you leave the area for regular cell phone service without issue, then pick it up when you return. We have found that this does not work as advertised. When we leave the area supported by the MicroCell, our connection gets poor just as if we were in a low service area. In most cases, those calls get dropped, and it takes a few seconds for the phone to recognize the regular cell phone network. Though definitely a downside, in most cases we are not leaving the office while on a call.

All In All

Since we had our wiring issues fixed, we have had great success with the AT&T MicroCell, and would definitely recommend it. You can pick it up for around $150 at a local AT&T Store.

Interested But Have Questions?

Then check out the MicroCell FAQ page to browse the top 10 questions.

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