Apple Introduces OS X Mavericks at WWDC 2013

Today at WWDC 2013, Apple announced its latest iteration of its operating system: OS X Mavericks. Here are some of the key features announced today for the new iteration of OS X.

Finder Tabs

OS X Mavericks adds the popular tabbing feature commonly used in browsers like Safari and Chrome to the Finder window. Additionally, if you have more than one Finder window open, you can quickly merge Finder windows into one tabbed window.


Apples document search has always been helpful. OS X Mavericks adds the ability to tag documents by different categories to allow them to be easier to find. You are able to filter documents by tags within Finder; as well as, drag and drop documents into the different tag folders to automatically add that tag to the document.

Memory & Energy Usage

With updates to the system targeting Compressed Memory and Timer Coalescing, OS X Mavericks helps increase battery life, as well as allow available memory be accessible when needed at a faster pace.


Calendar has been completely revamped with a nice modern layout. New features like location weather, integrated maps, suggest restaurants, travel time based on walking or driving, and notifications on when to leave based on travel time have been added.


When Maps was released last year, it was critically scrutinized. Apple has been slowly fine tuning Maps. Through this fine tuning, Mavericks brings Maps to OS X. While it appears to work similarly to the current App on iPhone, the biggest feature appears to be the ability to send a route right to your iPhone.

Multiple Displays

Multiple display usage has been improved with allowing access to the dock on either display you’re using, as well as access to the program menubar. Have an Apple TV? Use that as a separate third display.

Other Updates

The conference also highlighted a few other key features including:

  • Quick response right from the popup notifications
  • Auto udate Apps in the background
  • Addition of iBooks on OS X

When Can You Get It

Apple OS X Mavericks will be available this Fall. To learn more, watch the full keynote here.

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