Adobe Creative Cloud Is Made For Me

Last week Adobe released CS6, the latest edition of their professional software line. In addition, Adobe also launched Adobe Creative Cloud, which is a brand new service that allows users to access every CS6 tool and more for $50 per month with a yearly contract ($30 per month for students).

Creative Cloud Vs CS6 Box

Over the last 5 releases, we have been upgrading as Adobe makes the product line available. Even though some “new” editions do not always feature amazing upgrades, we do strongly believe that staying current will help us deliver the best possible products to our clients. The initial investment for the Master Collection costs roughly $2500. Software upgrades are becoming a yearly thing with Adobe, where even a “half” upgrade (like last years CS5.5) comes with an upgrade price of about $525. With this year’s upgrade, we continued with the box upgrade as we have in the past. However, the more and more I have been thinking about it, I am starting to feel that the Creative Cloud is made for users like me.

Flexibility Of All Software

We utilize an array of software that is included in the Adobe Master Collection. However, we do not use it all. Our primary tools include Fireworks, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat, and Premiere. Though that list sounds like a lot, those 6 programs include less than half of what is included in the collection. While the Web Premium collection includes most of the programs we use regularly, the inclusion of Premiere with the Master Collection sways us in that direction, as piecemealing the software does not make sense monetarily.

All that to say, that the creative cloud includes all of those software items with the subscription. With the subscription you also get a Portfolio plan on Typekit, as well as additional software. Further, the inclusion of Lightroom will make the Creative Cloud even more appealing - especially as it is something a lot of designers pay for separately being that it is not included within the Creative Suite.

Creative Cloud Discount Before August 31, 2012

Adobe is offering a one year discount to existing CS3 or later users who wish to take advantage of Creative Cloud. For $30 a month with a one year contract, users can gain access to all the products in the CS6 collection.

Who The Creative Cloud Is Not Intended For

The Creative Cloud is not for everyone. Since it is subscription based, if you cancel you do not get to keep the software you have installed on your computer. If you only want individual products like Photoshop, you may be better off purchasing those products individually as you keep them forever. Further, for users who do not plan on upgrading their software every year, the Creative Cloud might not be the right choice either.

Who The Creative Cloud Is Intended For

For new users of Adobe products who want full access to the CS product line, then jump on board with the Creative Cloud. Why spend $2500 when you can get everything for $600 for the year? With the yearly subscription, you will gain access to potentially 4 years worth of up-to-date software for the same price as buying CS6 outright.

August 31st Is Marked On My Calendar

The Creative Cloud does seem to make sense for users who upgrade with every Adobe release and want access to all the CS software. Even though the yearly fee for Creative Cloud is a bit more than the box upgrade, the additional tools like Typekit and Lighroom will make up for the added cost. Although I upgraded with the box initially, I plan to take advantage of the Creative Cloud discount before the promotion ends August 31st.

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