A No Spoilers Arrested Development Season 4 Review

A No Spoilers Arrested Development Season 4 Review

With Season 4 of Arrested Development arriving yesterday after a 7 year hiatus, we proudly took the time to run through every episode. It essentially felt like Christmas for Bluth fans, where everyday leading up to the premiere anticipation grew and grew. With an understanding that not all fans would be able to run through the 15 episodes in one day, or even start to watch depending on personal schedules, we felt it was necessary to have a “no touching spoilers” review of Season 4.

Same Arrested Smarts With A Whole New Level

One of my favorite things about Arrested Development is how smart it is. With story lines weaving from here to there, jokes can be setup episodes in advance making the payoff to those jokes that much sweeter. Season 4 delivers in that same regard - though there is a new level to the show. Moments of this season are dark and sometimes depressing. Personally, I found this as a welcome addition to an already well rounded story.

Before this season premiered, one of things I was most looking forward to was watching this season for a second time. As with the previous seasons, watching through again and again allows jokes to come to light that were missed the viewing before. For fans of the show, the first few episode of Season 4 may take a little getting used to. These episodes are laying the groundwork for the story. I didn’t laugh out loud too much at first; however, I’m sure there will be things that are much funnier the next time around since seeing the full picture.

Small Bits And Pieces

In the weeks leading up to the premiere, there were things I was concerned about. After watching this season, I’m proud to say none of my worries came to light. Without getting into detail, this season did a great job of feeling like “Season 4” of Arrested. Running jokes are back and do not feel forced, minor characters are sprinkled throughout in a thought out way, and small details are not overlooked (i.e.: having “commercial break cuts” even though there are no commercials - obviously). Despite the film style having a different feel, this is definitely the Arrested Development that fans embrace.

One of my bigger concerns were the guest stars. After the list of the guest stars in this season was released, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about certain celebrities being in the show. While I don’t care for some of the casting, none of the guest stars were too prominent to distract me from the storyline.

Is Season 4 For Newcomers?

Season 4 of Arrested respects its fans and does not feel watered down with re-introducing characters. As in previous seasons, it does backtrack at times to help explain things. However, this is not a new feature of the show and does not feel out of place. If you have yet to watch Arrested Development, it would be best to start at the beginning. As with any show, a love of the characters is developed with starting from the beginning that simply cannot exist if you start midway through. Season 4 can be enjoyable for newcomers; however, it would be a disservice to the writers to skip the foundation of what makes the show so great.

Well Worth The Wait

All-in-all, Season 4 does an excellent job of picking up where things were left off. With excellent writing leading to an intricate story, smart humor, and the perfect amount of drama, Season 4 of Arrested is a welcome addition to the story of a wealthy family who lost everything, and the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together.

Links And Such

Season 4 of Arrested Development is currently airing exclusively on Netflix, where you can also catch Season 1 through 3. Amazon Prime members can watch Season 1 through 3 for free with their Prime membership. Or you can grab the episodes on iTunes.

For fans of the show, check out our fun quotes site, and follow us on Twitter where we post quotes from the show. We will not be posting quotes from Season 4 for a few weeks to give fans time to experience the season for themselves. So grab a juice box and get watching!

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