5 Questions with Shufflebox Productions

Video on the web has become increasingly prominent. Our good friends over at Shufflebox Productions create awesome commercials, corporate videos, and other video needs for their clients. They have a great vision and a modern feel to their work. We took some time with the guys at Shufflebox to ask them a few questions that may be beneficial to our clients and anyone looking to get videos made for their businesses.

You guys have produced some awesome videos recently. What types of videos are you working on mostly (ie: commercials, corporate videos, etc.)?
We do a little bit of everything, honestly.  Lately, there’s been an influx of web videos but never without some commercials sprinkled in.  New media is really driving a lot of marketing lately.  With everyone wanting some kind of video for their website that end of the business has blown up.  We’ve seen it all lately: from new product promotions for GNC to guys in deer costumes for Havahart.  In addition to commercials and corporate videos, we recently just started shooting our first TV show. 

What are some of your favorite projects that you guys have finished up recently?
Hands down we’re going to say the Immix Wireless commercial.  Immix was not only our first “in-house” client, but they were also the ideal client to work with.  You’re in a great place when you have clients who understand and value the creative element just as much as the message it’s going to convey.  We were trusted with a lot of creative liberties.  In the end, the final product really does the client justice.  Plus, we were able to shine and put ourselves out there.  It was fun to really sink our teeth into something from start to finish and create something awesome.

What are some good things for businesses to think about when preparing to hire someone to put together videos for them?
A lot can be said by the quality of work found in a portfolio.  Look at their past work and make sure the quality is up to your standards.  Don’t hesitate to contact some of their past clients either.  There are too many businesses out there that will take on a project and fall short of their client’s expectations.  It could be anything from the deadline continually getting delayed to something as simple as returning phone calls in a timely manner.  The adage that “you get what you pay for” is almost always true.  But if you do some research and make a point to hire the right person, you’ll be surprised that more often than not, you can and do get more than you pay for.

With the web, a big part of what clients should be aware of is proper development.  What are some important things that clients should be aware of with the production of their videos?
One of the biggest things that clients should take into consideration is the practical length of their video.  Personally, we’ve found that the general area of 2-3 minutes is the ideal length for most web videos.  It’s just the right length to keep a consumer’s attention spam.  The true purpose of the video should be to grab their attention, inform and leave them wanting more.

The other biggie is actually the implementation of the video.  Namely, the size of the video player on the website.  Too often we see these postage-stamp-sized videos embedded on websites.  If you’re going to pay for a stellar looking video, why not showcase it on your site?!

How far are you guys willing travel to shoot?
There are no limits to how far we’re willing to go.  We’ve been across country and continue to travel all the time.  Truth be told, we tend to be more willing when going to a location that’s entirely new for us or if there’s some good places to eat nearby… mmm, Primanti’s.  Basically, if there’s a video to be shot, Shufflebox is there!

In Conclusion

We want to thank Matt & John at Shufflebox Productions for taking the time to answer some questions for us. Feel free to head over to www.shuffleboxproductions.com to learn more.

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