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There are many avenues that a business can take to advertise. Final decisions of which routes to take should be done after having an understanding of the target audience. Whether we are talking about a website, direct mail ads, or a billboard, it helps to understand your audience. If a billboard is not something that you have every thought about for your business, our friends over at JW Media Company can help answer any questions you may have. We took some time with JW Media Company to ask them a few of the questions to get the conversation started.

What areas do you serve?
We have billboard inventory throughout the greater Lehigh Valley, including Allentown, Bethlehem and Easton.

What should businesses think about when preparing to purchase billboard advertising?
Be sure you know what purpose you want outdoor to serve in your media strategy. In most cases, it should be big brand awareness and visibility, that builds frequency and equity among consumers in the market. Sometimes it’s directional in nature for upcoming exits on a highway. Other times, it’s to cause a stir with something bold or unusual and drive the audience to a website or destination. One rule to live in the outdoor business - less is always more. Make sure you can actually read it driving by.

What do business overlook when thinking about billboard advertising?
Honestly, outdoor is a very simple product. There’s not a lot of explaining or proving how effective it really is. You can’t turn it off, change the channel, turn the page, unsubscribe or avoid it…You must co-exist with it, and it delivers huge audience numbers. What clients don’t ask enough about is the creative and messaging to ensure we deliver results. It’s not about price, it’s not about demographics or CPM’s - the audience is there every day all day…and growing each year!! What matters is what you’re going to say. I can help with that, but I need clients to embrace the process to maximize the potential.

What types of clients/businesses typically find the most success with billboard advertising?
Just about every category of business has found success with outdoor advertising. From Automotive to Zoos - any business can benefit from the exposure outdoor offers. The one thing that puts outdoor success in jeopardy is thinking you can put a board for a month and the world will appear at your door. It won’t. Consistency creates Connections and Frequency creates Followers. It’s an investment, not an expense.

Are billboards expensive?
I always answer that question with, “Compared to what?” If you take an honest look in the media business and compare apples to apples, from media to media, you will come to the conclusion that outdoor advertising is the most efficient advertising buy you can make. It always has the lowest cost per thousand, high level of reach and loads of frequency. The problem occurs when a client compares the monthly rate of a billboard to the cost of one print ad, a week of radio spots, or the direct mail piece they sent to 10,000 homes. It’s not the same comparison. One days cost of a billboard that reaches tens of thousands of passing vehicles is pennies compared to these other options. TO BE CLEAR - I’m not discounting the importance or effectiveness of print, broadcast or direct response advertising. I believe in ALL MEDIA and we all have our strengths and weaknesses. A good media strategy should have a mix of advertising vehicles. No one media can serve all the needs of a client. I’m only offering a straightforward cost comparison. You shouldn’t run just one print ad, just a handful of spots, send one mailing and certainly not one day on a billboard and expect real results.

In Conclusion

We want to thank Jason at JW Media Company for taking the time to answer some questions for us. Feel free to head over to www.jwmediacompany.com to learn more.

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